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In order to inspire, provoke and support the development of the youth, faculty, and various organizations specialized in entrepreneurship support, Learn & Earn has developed a comprehensive service offer. This includes a modular 12-chapter business start-up course (integrated as mandatory and/or extracurricular), the training of teachers and facilitators who animate the course, the development of educational material, and complementary fun workshops that deepen understanding of concepts, strategies, and methods.

We are the benchmark in comprehensive and holistic entrepreneurial development in secondary and post-secondary spheres, and for startups.

We proudly and rigorously advocate the following niches and their underlying core values. Entrepreneurship largely surpasses the world of business: it's about recognizing, assuming, and radiating as an entrepreneur of one's own development.


Each and every one contributes to the progress, journey, and learning of all and allows others to contribute to their own in return. Integration is about complementarity; it's our watchword.

Entrepreneurial Strategy

We transform threats into opportunities, challenges into personal growth, and obstacles into leverage and stepping stones, always guiding learners towards the realization of strategies and implementations that are transferable to all areas of their life.

Emotional Lucidity

We viscerally focus on the development and deployment of emotional intelligence (EI) and the increase of each one's emotional quotient (EQ) to empower them and strengthen them in decision-making, constructive intervention, and force convergence.

Learning, Doubt, and Acquisition

Our goal is to contribute to the development of each one's skills, knowledge of existence, and ability to take responsibility.

Flipped Classroom Mode

We firmly believe we have just as much to learn from the learners; we therefore establish a space that encourages free rein, trial and self-assessment, all oriented towards self-realization in a changing world so that they become the protagonists of this evolution.

Comprehensive Extracurricular Activities

We guide, support, assist, and advise students in the creation and design of their own product or service and in the implementation, start-up, and launch of their own business, all while adapting to your reality and theirs regarding the school calendar and prevailing physical distancing and safety measures. These activities are offered in person and/or online, at lunchtime or after school.

Introduction to Entrepreneurial Leadership (12 to 16 courses)

This activity is perfectly suited to the current era, allowing participating students to develop their leadership and management skills, learn the necessary skills to face change, and become responsible, autonomous, and self-reliant individuals. This is the ideal introduction to the world of entrepreneurship and social responsibility. At the end of this program, each participant is equipped with all the necessary tools to reach their personal and professional objectives and to act as an influential leader.

In this perspective, we propose exercises, activities, and situations focusing on self-expression, contagious dynamism, and radiant lucidity. Participants are thus invited to self-discovery through interaction with others and vice versa in order to become responsible influencers, attentive orchestrators, and leaders in terms of rallying, integrating, and conflict prevention.

Business Launch: From Ideation to Commercialization (15 to 18 courses)

As part of the program, participants are required to define, create, and develop a product or service that will focus both on sensitivity from a social perspective and viability from an economic standpoint.

Students will thus go through all the stages of creating a business and ultimately, will be invited to start their own company. Experts in sales, management, negotiation, advertising, accounting, graphic design, and communication will be in attendance to assist and guide the students!

At the end of the program, all participants will have the opportunity to present their businesses in front of their parents and friends, as well as a jury composed of renowned entrepreneurs.

Matériel Pédagogique

Entrepreneurial Guide

We've designed all the materials that underpin the teaching and training of students and we're more than happy to adapt these materials according to their needs, stakes, and challenges to be met. These three modules are perfect for any startup entrepreneur wishing to enhance their knowledge and toolbox to facilitate the commercialization of their business project. Inside, you'll find advice, recommendations, and even free resources to assist entrepreneurs in all spheres of their business, including sales, marketing, and branding.

We offer these resources in print format as well as in digital format, accessible offline.

AetE - Guides - Module A.jpg

Module A

Entrepreneurship Awareness

Chapters 1, 2 et 3

AetE - Guides - Module B.jpg

Module B

Business Structure

Chapters 4, 5 et 6

AetE - Guides - Module C.jpg

Module C 

From Concept to Concrete

Chapitres 7, 8, 9 et 10

MHS Training

We offer a wide range of training workshops that perfectly align with the requirements, expectations, and learning content characterizing the Specialist High Skills Major; our aim is for every student enrolled in a MHS to not only be accredited but also able to actualize their learning in everyday life. Format: 1 to 4 hours.

This training is also offered outside the MHS framework.

  • The Art of Persuasion (How to be convinced to be convincing)

  • The Art of Negotiation

  • Customer Service

  • Retail Clerk

  • Oratory Arts

  • Solidarity Leadership

  • Ethical Considerations

  • Portfolio Development

  • Equity and Inclusion

  • Business Etiquette

  • Project Management

  • Personality Inventory

  • Effective Networking

  • Sustainable Communication

Ateliers et conféreces

DYNAMO Workshops and Conferences

We offer a series of workshops and conferences of an entrepreneurial nature in the broad sense, therefore going beyond the startup, viability, and sustainability of the company. Particularly addressing personal audacity management, crisis management, self-improvement, responsible leadership, and convincing and efficient communication.

Our DYNAMO workshops and conferences are aimed at wide audiences and can be offered in person or remotely (online). They are dynamic and authentic, and in order to create the best possible learning and exchange atmosphere, these are offered by various experts. Format: 2 hours up to 6 hours.

Interpreneurship or Better Mutual Understanding

Entrepreneurial skills primarily emphasize the values and human nature abilities that allow us to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and take up challenges cooperatively and collaboratively. We all hold shares in global citizenship in this business that some call life.

Positive Negotiation

We do not negotiate against the other party, but with them. It is necessary that everyone be assured of finding their account and counterweight, through complementarity beyond the bitter taste left by compromise.

Options: A structured approach to negotiation OR A human approach to negotiation

The Art of Persuasion or being Persuaded so Everyone Can be "Persuaders"

It's imperative to be convinced to be convincing. It's a matter of power, need, and techniques and strategies to expand in the room to maneuver between the two, so that everyone benefits and we do not convince anyone against their heart or meaning. 

Openness, Attention, and Receptivity

It is important to interpret non-verbal and vocal as much - if not more than - what is effectively verbally expressed. The leader is a source of inspiration, motivation, and stimulation: to do this, they must be the convergence point of other sources.

Promoting Self-Regulation or Metronome of Accountability

It is essential to learn to learn, and to do so, to develop a sense of social, cultural, digital, and environmental responsibility. Self-learning depends on the rigor and risk management to which learners agree to subscribe... always striving for self-improvement.

Being Proactive: A Matter of "Bursting Attitude"

The key is to rally, mobilize and ensure that everyone shines through our own attitude, which is not immunized but humanized. We will see the crucial nature of critical thinking measurement tools, positive energy, emotional performance, and sense of belonging, through the integration and linking of forces - and issues - at stake.


Reach out for more information about our workshops and conferences.

Fomations enseignants

Teacher and Facilitator Training

From Entrepreneurial Pedagogy to Pedagogical Entrepreneurship

We focus on comprehensive and responsible flipped learning: being able to provide students with resources to which we are familiar, allowing them to locate, recognize and react. We perceive teaching as a dynamic between discoveries, interpretation, and student ownership, through which the entrepreneurial educator is a damper, bumper, and expandable absorber. Admittedly, learner assessment leads to criteria and a scale, but, ideally, these should be adaptable, flexible, and fluid, so they focus on the process and always documented derogation in relation to it, on feedback, and on critical review, equally documented, from the learner's point of view.


Introcreativity (Introspection and Creativity)

Vulnerability (Co-dependence)

Sustainable Communication

Gamification in Education and Entrepreneurship

4 introductory workshops of two (2) hours


Half-day or full-day workshop

Alone, we reinvent ourselves; together, we transform

  • Leadership styles

  • Action plan as an evaluation mode (measurability, feasibility, progression)

  • Interdisciplinary projects focusing on entrepreneurial sense, collaboration, conviction, receptivity, negotiation, and consensus.

  • Structured negotiation in a collaborative context


Two (2) hour workshop

To teach is to learn; to learn is to undertake; therefore... : trans-independence

  • Flipped learning: designing a problem (because the world needs it) starting from the solution

  • The characteristics and realization of receptive leadership

  • Research-creation: stop studying static objects, therefore outdated ones

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