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Mission and Vision

Learn & Earn's mission is to invigorate and authenticate education through the means of educational entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial pedagogy. It is a company that inspires, provokes, and supports the development of youth. It is a modular 12-chapter business start-up course (integrated as mandatory and/or extracurricular), the training of teachers who animate the course, the development of specialized pedagogical materials, and complementary fun workshops that allow for a deeper understanding of concepts, strategies, and methods. It is the catalyst for the transformation of business and commerce in secondary schools, cegeps, colleges, and universities.


We are already, and aim to strengthen our position as, the benchmark for comprehensive and holistic entrepreneurial development in secondary and post-secondary spheres, as well as amongst budding entrepreneurs.


  • Commitment

  • Perseverance

  • Curiosity

  • Integrity

  • Creativity


​Charles-Antoine Hallé



Éric Charlebois

Director of Production and Service Delivery


Michèle Kharrat

Head of Mobilization


Raphaël Vachon

Head of Finance


Awards and Honors

Finalist - FEEP Pedagogical Innovation Award (2018)

Winner - Honour Bursary from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (2019)

Finalist - Startup Canada (2019)

Winner - Excelor Startup of the Year Award, from the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce (2019)

Recipient of the Quebec Youth Recognition Award - Education Sector (2020)


"When I decided to found the company in 2017, I resolved to embody what I still promote today: entrepreneurship is the ultimate catalyst for optimal development. Having been an entrepreneur myself since the age of 13, I dreamt of offering the francophone youth the chance to start their own businesses, chase their dreams, and inspire change. Thus, I am proud to say that to-date, Learn & Earn has aided over 1000 students, who have directly contributed to the startup of 160 micro-businesses.


You understand better than anyone that entrepreneurship is the most authentic and tangible vector for knowledge acquisition, skill development, and social networking. A sustainable and prosperous business sector relies on innovative, daring, and fully capacitated newcomers."

- Charles-Antoine Hallé, founder of Learn & Earn

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